Easiest Way to Post an Upwork Job – with Screenshots

In order to post an Upwork job, you will first need to be logged in to your Upwork Client account.

From your client Dashboard, press the “Post a Job” button:

Screenshot of Upwork post a job button

1. Choose Short-term or Longer-term

Choose how long you expect this job to last.

When hiring Upwork freelancers, choose how long you expect your job to last

2. Write Job Title

Note: this is the Title for the job post, not your own job title.

Write a clear job title for your freelance job post

3. Choose Job Category

You can press “See all categories” to explore more job categories.

Screenshot when creating a job on Upwork, with an arrow toward choose your job category

4. Add Skills

You can add up to 10 skills to the job post. These are tags that help Upwork categorize the project.

They’re important because if your freelancer does a great job, skill tags will help more clients see their Upwork profile on similar jobs in the future.

You can a) select from the options Upwork automatically generates, b) click the dropdown carats on other headings to add more, or c) use the search bar to add the skills you want.

Screenshot from Upwork job post process skills select screen

5. Choose your expected project scope

You’ll choose from Large, Medium, or Small…

Screenshot from Upwork job creation process, estimating the scope of work

…then estimate the length of your project in months and select the level of expertise you’re looking for…

Screenshot from Upwork job creation process, selection of experience level (Entry / Intermediate / Expert)

…and then choose whether the job is a contract-to-hire opportunity.

Screenshot of Upwork job posting process, contract to hire selection

6. Select Preferred Location

If you’re looking for talent from a specific place, you can give preference to talent from an individual country, and even specify states or time zone preferences.

Screenshot of Upwork job post process, selecting preferred talent location (U.S. only or worldwide)

7. Indicate Project Budget

Based on what you’ve selected, Upwork will provide an indicative hourly range for your project by default. This is not final – see it as “getting a feel” for what the average Upwork professional might charge for a job like yours.

If you’re not ready to set an hourly rate, there’s an option for that too.

Screenshot of Upwork job posting process, selecting hourly rate range. A default hourly budget range is currently selected

You can also specify a fixed-price budget for the entire project.

Screenshot of Upwork job posting process, project budget screen with Fixed Price job selected

8. Add Job Description

Next, you’ll be writing your job post description. Upwork has an integration with OpenAI, where you can choose to have your job description written using artificial intelligence.

Screenshot of Upwork job posting process, OpenAI integration whereby artificial intelligence can be used to help draft a freelance job description

If you use AI to generate your job description, you’ll then have the chance to review & edit the description. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean freelancers will be using AI in their work with you.

You can also choose to write your own job description.

Screenshot of Upwork job posting process, showing a job description that has been generated with the assistance of OpenAI's ChatGPT

9. Review it, adjust your preferences and post an Upwork job

Your job post is now ready for review.

Here, you can also adjust additional preferences, such as making this an Invite only job.

Screenshot of Upwork job posting process, review job details screen prior to job posting
Screenshot of Upwork job posting process, with an arrow to select an invite-only Upwork job

When you’re ready to post, just press the button to Post your job…

Screenshot of Post this job button, seen while creating an Upwork job post

…and congratulations – your job post is now live immediately!

Evan Fisher

Evan is an entrepreneur, content creator, finance expert and founder of Freelance MVP. At one point, Evan was the highest-earning freelancer worldwide on Upwork by annual earnings, and his collective freelance earnings total over $2,000,000.

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