About Evan Fisher

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I’m Evan Fisher, and I made this site because no one else actually teaches freelancers how to freelance.

I got fired in 2017, and I was stuck. I had $10.21 in my bank account, no job, no job prospects or even the potential to get a job since I was stuck in a foreign country with low salaries… but I did have a wife and infant daughter I had to feed.

So I did everything I could to make money for my family. That led me to Upwork.

Many years of struggle later, I am one of the highest-earning freelancers in the world on Upwork, with over $2,000,000 in Upwork earnings. I have Upwork’s highest status possible (the invite-only Expert Vetted), and have built multiple businesses out of the work I’ve done, both as a freelance on Upwork and beyond.

Screenshot of FreelanceMVP founder Evan Fisher's Upwork profile with Expert Vetted status, showing over $1.8 million total earnings, over 325 total jobs and over 1,400 hours logged on Upwork.
FreelanceMVP Founder Evan Fisher’s Upwork profile as of December 2022.

Freelance has been wonderful – but it wasn’t easy to learn. When I started, most of the “Learn Freelance” resources weren’t great, or they were made by someone who hadn’t actually been as successful as I wanted to be.

So my path to grow was a little bit of a struggle, but I believe it doesn’t have to be for everyone. So I decided I would put my years of Upwork grind to good use, and change that with Freelance MVP.

Evan’s Awards and Recognition

  • Earned over $1,500,000 on Upwork in first four years as a freelancer
  • Was Upwork’s highest-earning freelancer worldwide by annual earnings
  • Wrote multiple articles for top-tier publications including TechCrunch and INC
  • Founded three companies & helped founder clients raise over $5 billion from prestigious venture capital funds including Andreessen Horowitz, SoftBank and Tiger Global
  • Founded EvanHFisher.com to help founders raise capital
  • Featured in Upwork’s Letter to Shareholders, Upwork’s Times Square Ads on NASDAQ IPO Day, Forbes, Business Insider, and in Elaine Pofeldt’s book, Tiny Business, Big Money
  • Co-hosted the highest-attendance Upwork Expert Talk in Upwork history
  • Created a pretty interesting YouTube channel & community that has helped over a thousand families grow their income

Here’s just a few of the freelancer-focused videos I’ve done, articles I’ve been in and those I’ve written.